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About MipiKale and How to Reach Us

MipiKale is all about alternatives to traditional meat and dairy—vegan plant-based foods and “clean meats” and animal-free dairy grown through cellular agriculture—and their intersection with the kosher foods market.

Plans for the site continue to evolve, and it will include news, information, product spotlights, reviews and even recipes now and then. If you would like to help, or make a suggestion, drop us a line–we will respond!

Created by its Publisher/Editor Michael Rogovin, an avid home cook  and foodie based in New Jersey. A recovering lawyer, Michael has worked in government, higher education, and not-for-profits. Michael also oversaw the kosher cafeteria at New York Medical College, working closely with the Orthodox Union, and opened the world’s first (and as of this writing) only fully kosher Starbucks café at the school in 2019. He is mostly a self-taught cook and has been moving toward a more plant-based diet for the last several years. 

We welcome your feedback via email and on social media. 


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