Vegan Restaurant List

Kosher Supervised Vegan Restaurants

This list was accurate as of the publication date. Note that kosher supervision may change at any time and you are advised to verify the kosher status. Also note that some supervisions permit non-kosher wines to be served (though not used in cooking) and some take-out shops may have both kosher and non-kosher items. For restaurants with multiple locations, not all locations may be supervised. Please send us updates and suggestions for inclusion. Note, the inclusion of a restaurant is not necessarily an endorsement of the kosher supervision.  

CityName SupervisionType
BerkeleyFlying Falafel*East Bay KosherFast Food
Los AngelesSubitosOKFast Food

* only the Berkeley location approved; other locations not supervised

Name SupervisionType
Bubbie’s Burgers DC KosherFast Food
Evolve Vegan RestaurantDC KosherFull Service
Pow Pow DC KosherCasual
Sticky Fingers Sweets and EatsDC KosherBakery
Everlasting Life DC KosherCasual
PLNT Burger DC KosherFast Food
Shouk DC KosherFast Food
CityName SupervisionType
MiamiPlant MiamiIKCFull Service
CityName SupervisionType
ChicagoChicago Raw Food CRCTakeout

Note: Not all items are certified; look for the CRC symbol

CityName SupervisionType
BostonBeatnicIKCFast Food
Brookline, ArlingtonZhu JapaneseLighthouse-KFull Service
CityName SupervisionType
GaithersburgCinnaholic DC KosherBakery
City/Borough Name  Supervision Type
Brooklyn Beatnic IKC Fast Food
Brooklyn Dao Palate RAM-VK Faull Service
Brooklyn Jungle Café  RAM-VK Casual
Brooklyn LuAnne’s Wild Ginger IKC Full Service
Brooklyn Perelandra Natural Food Center IKC Takeout
Brooklyn Ras Plant Based Ethiopian MasonJar-K Full Service
Brooklyn The Boozery OK Ice Cream
Brooklyn V-SPOT IKC Takeout
Manhattan Beyond Sushi (multiple locations) IKC Sushi, Full Service
Manhattan Blossom IKC Full Service
Manhattan Blossom du Jour IKC Takeout
Manhattan Beatnic (multiple locations) IKC Fast Food
Manhattan Double Zero IKC Pizza
Manhattan Juice Press IKC Takeout
Manhattan LuAnne’s Wild Ginger IKC Chinese
Manhattan Marty’s V Burger Lighthouse K Fast Food
Manhattan P.S. Kitchen IKC Full Service
Manhattan Peacefood RAM-KV Casual
Manhattan Sacred Chow IKC Casual
Manhattan Seasoned Vegan RAM-KV Full Service
Manhattan Terri IKC Full Service
Manhattan Urban Vegan Kitchen IKC Full Service
Manhattan V-SPOT IKC Takeout
Manhattan Willow IKC Casual Dining
Rye Pureganic Café RAM-VK Casual
HarrisburgThe Vegetable HunterR. E FriedmanCasual
Philadelphia20th St PizzaIKCPizza
PhiladelphiaBlackbird PizzeriaIKCPizza
PhiladelphiaCharlie was a SinnerIKCFull Service
PhiladelphiaLUHV DeliIKCDeli
PhiladelphiaMiss Rachel’s PantryIKCFull Service
PhiladelphiaPamcakes CupcakeryIKCBakery
PhiladelphiaPure Sweets & Co. (P.S. & CO)IKCBakery
PhiladelphiaSu Xing HouseIKCChinese
PhiladelphiaSweet Freedom BakeryIKCBakery
PhiladelphiaTaffets BakeryIKCBakery
PhiladelphiaVegan TreeIKCTakeout
CityName SupervisionType
ProvidenceBeatnicIKCFast Food
ProvidencePlant CityLighthouse-KFull Service
ProvidenceVeggie Fun Pan-Asian Vegan Kosher RestaurantLighthouse-KFull Service
CityName SupervisionType
NashvilleAvoNKCFull Service
CityName SupervisionType
San AntonioEarth Burger (selected locations)SAKFast Food
LondonPlant Matter CafeIKCCasual
LondonPlant Matter KitchenIKCFull Service