Real Cream Cheese Without the Cow

From the people who brought you Brave Robot Ice Cream, (real dairy ice cream that is made from whey protein derived from yeast instead of from cow’s milk), comes animal-free cream cheese. This is real cheese, not a plant-based substitute (the fat comes from coconut oil). As good as nut milk chesses are, many people feel that they do not have the same taste and cooking profile of real dairy. Brave Robot Ice Cream tastes like real dairy ice cream because it is. Just without the Cow.

Like Brave Robot Ice Cream, Modern Kitchen Cream Cheese Spreads are made with whey protein (so much so that they carry a dairy allergen warning) but avoid the many environmental, safety, and animal welfare issues involved in milking cows. It comes in three flavors: Spring Onion + Chive, Strawberry, and Harissa Pepper. Certified OU-D according to Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer, who heads the dairy practice at the OU, it is actually “DE” (while it has no actual halachic dairy ingredient, it is made on equipment previously used for dairy and cleaned but not kashered). As such it may be eaten after meat, but not as part of a meal that has meat or cooked on meat dishes (for Ashkenazim; Sefaradim would treat this as pareve). However, as with all products made with Perfect Day milk proteins, anyone with a milk allergy should avoid this product, since it contains the same proteins that trigger allergies that animal-based milk contains.

It is available online and will soon be available in stores.

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